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  • We have a dedicated team on hand to help you with your business at anytime…

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PA Services

We have spent time carefully selecting and interviewing our team of assistants so that you can be assured that your business is in great hands and treated confidentially. We have a dedicated team on hand to help you with your business at anytime…

We offer a full range of office support, whether you need long or short term support, help with a one off project or just that little bit of extra support through a busy period.

Please view our detailed list of tasks that we can support you with.


Call Answering

No more missed business calls – from just £30 per month. 1 months FREE TRIAL!

At Morgan PA Services we only charge when we complete a productive task for you, such as sending a message, transferring a call or processing a diary entry.

Our sensible approach means you don’t pay for the number of calls you receive, sales calls, hang ups or wrong numbers. 

Letter Typing & Preparation/Printing

We can carry out any manner of admin tasks such as those above. Simply contact us and let us know what your requirements are.

Organise Travel

We can organise your travel requirements, such as flight and accommodation.

Audio & Video Transcription

We can easily and accurately carry out transcriptions services, which can save your business an abundance of time.

Chasing Orders or Invoices

We can effectively chase orders and invoices for your company whilst you simply focus on expanding your business.

Spreadsheet Creation

If you need help manipulating data, creating pivot tables and charts to present data for presentations or writing formulas then we are the people for the job.

Data Management/Data Entry

Our team are trained and have a huge amount of experience with data entry. Got monotonous tasks you want to give to somebody else to save time? We will help.

Organising Events

We can organise events and provide event management solutions for your business

Business Correspondence

We can tailor our services to your needs and can help with your business correspondence.

Internet Research

Our team of intelligent researchers can help you in just about any field of business.

Source Products & Services

We specialise in sourcing cost-effective businesses and services tailored to your requirements and we have vast knowledge of a whole array of market sectors.

Copywriting/Proof Reading

Whether you want scintillating copy to attract customers, or want a team of proofreaders, we can help your business out.

Email/Diary Management

We can concisely manage your diary or schedule as well as your emails.

CRM Database Support

If you have a CRM whether custom or an out of the box solution, such as Salesforce, we can help you out.

Data Analysis & Reporting

We can help you with data analysis, forecasting and reporting. Contact us to find out more.

Morgan PA monthly tariff Messages per monthPhone calls answeredCharge per month
Morgan 1010UNLIMITED£30
Morgan 1515UNLIMITED£40
Morgan 2525UNLIMITED£45
Morgan 3535UNLIMITED£55
Morgan 5050UNLIMITED£65
Morgan 7575UNLIMITED£95
Morgan 100100UNLIMITED£125
Morgan 125125UNLIMITED£155
Morgan 150150UNLIMITED£185
Morgan 200200UNLIMITED£250
Morgan 300300UNLIMITED£375
Morgan 500500UNLIMITED£625
Morgan 750750UNLIMITED£935
Morgan 10001000UNLIMITED£1200